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Who we are: 

Uma Sai is a record label and creative collective that integrates story, music, art and community. We collaborate with indigenous artists and cultural custodians from around the world to create world-class music albums and video art that remind us of the magic of existence and the rich tapestry of life our planet holds. We are committed to collaborating with other practitioners to inspire action and create a better world for all, using the powerful medium of video art and music to convey our message.

What we are doing: 

We are a cultural vehicle that aims to bridge the wisdom worlds of indigenous and emergent cultures through conversation, creation, and conservation. We believe in the power of video art as a medium for conveying messages and ideas, and it's an integral part of our creative expression. Our virtual and in-person community, and transformative retreat and festival experiences, are designed to support individual and collective awakening through music, art, conversation and positive impact.

Why we are doing it: 

We are inspired to weave a field of dialogue and action with the clear objective of regenerating our planet and preserving culture. We believe that to care for, protect, and restore the lands on which we walk, we must start by sharpening the impeccability of our minds, words, and actions. Through rituals, dialogues, and practices, we aim to elevate voices who are paving the way to regeneration and ignite practitioners towards action. To walk together means building bridges, joining forces, singing together, and sharing the devotion, knowledge, and wisdom that keeps us aligned with our true nature.

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